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A combination of dance and tumbling, this beginner level class teaches the basics of acrobatics with a strong focus on flexibility. Students will learn introductory gymnastics exercises and work on building the foundations for performance routines. No prior experience necessary.


Program of classical ballet for the beginner through advanced students; includes alignment of the body, positions of the feet, elementary port de bras, locomotive movements, and basic ballet turns and jumps. Senior students will train and develop more advanced classical ballet techniques, including work in allegro, adagio, pirouettes, turns, and jumps.


This popular form of dance borrows from many different styles, including modern, jazz and ballet. There is a strong improvisational component as well as influences from various cultural dances. Contemporary is often unpredictable and can include partnering, quick rhythm and direction changes, and non-traditional dance movements.


Elements of various street style dances, often mixing them with more structured dance forms such as jazz. As hip hop is such a broad genre it gives the choreographer as well as the dancer the freedom for personal interpretation and creativity.


Irish step is a style of dance with its roots in traditional Irish culture and music. Soft shoe style is taught wearing jazz sneakers or shoes.

Dancers are taught to stiffen their upper bodies while performing quick, intricate footwork.


Technique course with an emphasis on style, placement, strength, and stretch. Practice in the fast, dynamic jazz dance style associated with Broadway, hip-hop, and video dance with an emphasis on style, flexibility and correct anatomical technique.

Pilates Burn

This class combines basic Pilates mat and challenging Barre exercises in 60 minute class sessions.  Pilates Burn will help gain core strength, improve posture and challenge your muscles to create a longer, leaner and stronger you without adding the bulk!  Most exercises are using your own body weight for resistance, but will also incorporate resistance bands and the ballet barre.


Instructor recommendation and previous ballet experience required.

Introduction/ reintroduction to basics of pointe work: dancers will focus on body alignment, placement of the feet, and transitions to and from “en pointe”. Ballet barre and center work will be covered.

* Pointe shoes required.


Students will learn basic tap steps while focusing on rhythm and coordination. A variety of tap styles will be introduced in increasingly dynamic and challenging combinations as students become more proficient.

*Tap shoes required. Includes various rhythms and tempos as well as combinations of tap with jazz movements.


Zumba is a high energy, fast paced dance and fitness workout taught by a licensed and certified instructor. Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements, incorporating hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, Bollywood and belly dance choreography taught to popular and Latin music.

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